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Visit Nyborg

Nyborg Castle and city is one of the most important cultural heritage monuments from the Middle Ages in Denmark. Nyborg castle and town were from the beginning of the 13th century and until 1560 the king of Denmark's favourite residence. The king met with Danish parliament at Nyborg Castle for almost two centuries and here the first constitution of the realm was signed in 1282.

The great Church of Our Lady which in cooperation with the castle defines the historic city centre was founded to commemorate the military victory that made it possible for Queen Margrethe I (1376-1412) to unite the three Nordic kingdoms - Denmark, Norway and Sweden - in the Union of Kalmar. The town has always been a junction - a place you passed to get from one end of the country to another. 

The historic city centre has a lively trade with many shops and cafés and some of Denmarks best beaches and beach hotels are found just outside the city limits. Since the middle ages farmers have been growing high quality vegetables and fruits in the fertile soils of Eastern Funen. Enjoy a dinner prepared from the finest local products in one of the gourmet restaurants at the waterfront.

From Nyborg you can get around by bike or car to the many fascinating attractions and experiences of nature in the once royal landscape of Eastern Funen. Nyborg is easily reached by train or car and for sailors there is a good harbour, which still recalls the history of the ferries that used to connect the Danish kingdom before the Great Belt Bridge. Staying in Nyborg right in the heart of Denmark makes it easy for you to go to all other places in Denmark by car or by train. Enter the old royal city of Denmark and create your own adventure in Nyborg - the heart of the kingdom of Denmark. 

To learn more - visit VisitNyborgs website.

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