The King's Pantry Network

This is a network for all food producers and restaurants in the former Nyborg Fief. If you are a member, or if you want to know more about this project, you can read about the visions for the network and the rules of the King's Food Cupboard here. You can also find out about the cooperation among members by reading or rereading the notes from workshops and our newsletters.

The King's Pantry

The farmers and food producers of eastern Funen have a long tradition, for almost 800 years, of supplying goods and services to the Danehof parliament and to Nyborg Castle. This tradition is now carried over into the 21st century with the establishment of a network of food producers who will create products and events with a focus on meals and history.

 Throughout the Middle Ages, the king met with his parliament at Nyborg Castle. Later, the town developed into what can be called Denmark's first capital city. It was a big event when the king and his court came into town. The need for food and drink from the King's Food Cupboard was great. Nyborg was especially good at furnishing these needs.

An 800-yr. tradition

The royal Nyborg fief covered almost half of Funen and belonged, as one of the few in the country, to the king's food cupboard. This meant that the farmers and food producers in the fief paid taxes in the form of grains and other crops and products directly to the king's court. The producers in eastern Funen have an almost 800-year tradition for supplying the Danehof parliament and Nyborg Castle. This tradition will now be brought into the 21st century in cooperation with all producers of food products in eastern Funen.

Heritage as a living asset

By developing a food network at Nyborg Castle, producers, restaurants and the museum will take the area's unique history as a starting point and together create new events and products. This project is designed to make heritage into a living asset for many people, and to bring history into the present. Naturally, our goal is also to attract more customers and visitors to eastern Funen.

In the spring of 2013, the network includes 40 producers under all categories of food production, representing both primary sources and those that further process the raw materials. Among them are Rosild High Farm (potatoes), Regstrup Mill Farm (apples), Skaarupøre Vineyard, Hindsholm Lambs and Krage Farm (flour). The full list over members can be seen on the menu at the right. So far, the Ørbæk Brewery has produced a Christmas Ale and an Easter Ale for the King's Food Cupboard. The next product will be apple cider, developed in cooperation with fruit growers in the network, available in the fall. In connection with Nyborg Rampart Theatre's summer season, a food basket from the King's Food Cupboard will be available to theatre-goers, where they can literally get their fingers on, and taste, a broad selection of products from the network members.

Following the food trail, the next event is the Danehof Market during the first weekend in July, with its food stalls at the Church of Our Lady, and in September at the harvest market on the town square, where you can also meet many of the networks' members and participate in exciting food-related events.

For more information on the network and its possibilities, contact Malene R. Beck, Nyborg Castle, at 23 96 79 71 or at


The King's Pantry Network

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The King's Pantry Law

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