Products from the King’s Food Cupboard

Below you will find a list of those products that are part of the King’s Food Cupboard at present, as well as those that will soon be listed. They can be purchased directly from the producers; some can be purchased in cooperative shops or specialty stores.


Products 2013:

  • Ankers Honning,  Anker Jønsson: Anker’s Mustard no.5, Anker’s Mustard no.7, Honey from Glorup Manor. 
  • Gourmet lakrids, Hanne Albert: Knight’s Licorice, handmade, old-fashioned licorice. 
  • Madværkstedet, Jan and Barbara Hall: Knight’s Salami, King’s Salami, Blackmeat, dry-salted beef bacon, old-fashioned smoked saddle of pork. 
  • SAF, Finn Balsby: The King’s Cider, cold-pressed cider, in bottles (3/4 liter) or in 3 liter boxes. 
  • Vinspecialisten Nyborg: The Kings Dram 2013 (rum).
  • Ørbæk Bageren, Richard Muhs: Knight’s bread (rye bread), Crown bread (whole grain bread  leavened with sour dough), Beet bread (with beets from Rosilde High Farm), Hard Tack, Pear Pie with Marzipan (made with pears from Finn Balsby).
  • Ørbæk Bryggeri: Christmas Ale from the King’s Food Cupboard, Easter Ale from the King’s Food Cupboard. 

Produkter 2014:

  • Den Gode Smag, Per Jørgensen: Royal Paté, paté baked in a pastry, seasoned with ginger and cardamum. 
  • Det Søde Liv, Susanne Madsen: Sugar-coated almonds and more.
  • Osteboden Fru Hansen, Lillian og Jane Hansen: Different kinds of chocolates in collaboration with Konnerup Chocolates, tea with medieval spices. 
  • Tenax Sild, Michael og Dorrit Pedersen: Four kinds of marinated herring. 
  • Vinspecialisten Nyborg: The King's Dram 2014 (rum from the Dominican Republic).


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