Prizes and commendations

There has been a lot of notice paid to the network “The King’s Food Cupboard”. It was, in 2013, nominated for the Funen Culture Prize for that year. The first product produced as part of the King’s Food Cupboard, Ørbæk Brewery’s Christmas Ale, won a prize as “Label of the Year” in 2012.

Label of the Year

Ørbæk Christmas Ale and Nyborg Christmas Ale set the stage for the story about King Christian III (1536-1559), who often spent Christmas in Nyborg. The whole countryside, here represented by the network “The King’s Food Cupboard”, went into high gear to provide for the king’s big Christmas feast. This is brought to life every year at the Christmas market in Nyborg: “Christmas in the Old Royal Town”.

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Funen’s Culture Prize

The King’s Food Cupboard was nominated for Funen’s Cultural Prize in 2013 as one of the Municipality of Nyborg’s two nominations. The other was Nyborg Battle Days, 2012. The prize went instead to the Carl Nielsen Master Class (classical music competition).

Read the nomination text here:

The King’s Food Cupboard

The King’s Food Cupboard is an exciting new collaboration between a cultural institution, food producers, restaurants and other interests in the food industry to create a food network that will promote existing products and develop new products in eastern Funen. Its point of departure is the history of eastern Funen and of Nyborg as the centre of royal power in the Middle Ages.

When the king met with the rich and powerful men of the realm to hold parliament - Danehof - meetings, or resided with the court at Nyborg Castle, a great deal of food and drink was consumed from the King’s Food Cupboard. The former Nyborg Fief covered almost half of Funen and, as one of the few chosen fiefs, always supplied food and drink to the King’s Food Cupboard. Now, Nyborg Castle and the Centre for Agricultural Knowledge, along with food producers from Funen bring history to life through the food network, The King’s Food Cupboard. It helps to set the stage for the old story of Nyborg Castle and Town as the home of the country’s first parliament and as the first actual capital of Denmark.

With the food network, authentic history is brought back to life in a new and different way, using the senses and non-traditional channels. The King’s Food Cupboard is part of the movement to activate local heritage in an inclusive and innovative way, as a resource for the area and also an economic boost for all concerned.The Harvest Market and the King’s Food Cupboard