New book about M/F Broen (Motor Ferry “The Bridge”)

Friday, Friday, May 27, 2016

The Museums of Eastern Funen have received a donation of 150,000 Danish kroner from Funen Energy’s General Fund to prepare and publish a book describing the history of the Great Belt ferry, M/F Broen. The book will describe the ferry’s connection to the town of Nyborg and more generally ferry traffic’s great significance for Funen as a region and for Denmark as a nation.



The first concrete step towards preserving the ferry

M/F Broen is one of the last remaining Great Belt ferries. It is a monument to a high point in technological development and to ferry traffic in Denmark as a whole. The Great Belt ferries have had an enormous impact on Danes’ understanding of themselves and on Denmark’s growth and development. They are an important, but largely forgotten element  in understanding Denmark’s heritage. Right now, M/F Broen is in port in Nyborg, where the Town of Nyborg and the Museums of Eastern Funen together are testing the waters to find possible ways to preserve the ferry as a national heritage monument in Nyborg.

The book is the first step towards preserving the ferry and will describe both the history of M/F Broen and thoughts about the current project to preserve the ferry.

Leverage for town development and increased tourism

The book about M/F Broen will pass on new knowledge and inform about the ferry and the preservation project for local citizens and for interest groups in Nyborg and on Funen. It will also play a role in seeking funding for preserving the ferry.

The book is being prepared in a cooperative effort between the Museums of Eastern Funen, the Nyborg Agency (combining tourism, commerce and business) and the Environmental and Technical Dept. of the Municipality of Nyborg. Contributors will include historians Mette Ladegård Thøgersen, Eva Becher and Kurt Risskov Sørensen, the Museums of Eastern Funen; Tourism Chief Sanne Hoffensetz Andresen, The Nyborg Agency, and architect Peter Holm from the Environmental and Technical Dept. of the Municipality of Nyborg.

Funen Energy’s General Fund received 469 applications in all: only 22 of them received funding, including the publication about M/F Broen.