The Church of Our Lady adorned with a new window

Tuesday, Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Church of Our Lady in Nyborg was founded in 1389 to commemorate the victory the made it possible to integrate the Swedish realm into the Union of Kalmar consisting of the three Nordic countries Denmark, Norway and Sweden that was founded in 1396 and lasted until 1525 as the geographically speaking largest realm in Europe.


The church has just been adorned with a new alter window made by the Danish artist Maja Lisa Engelhardt. It is made from iridized glass that glows in the dark when illuminated. The Nyborg-window, as it is called, represents the symbolism from the old, gothic crucifix and the new alter crucifix (the rood-tree). The window is donated to the Church by The Augustinus Foundation. You can read more about the window and see a number of small films of its genesis here: