Days of Battle in Nyborg

Wednesday, Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Barely has the dust settled from the summer's Danehof tournament before the king's warriors once again is in Nyborg for the Days of Battle  - 14 - 15th September 2013. Under the banner Knights of the Northern Kingdom, re-enactors from all over Denmark and elsewhere in Northern Europe gather at Nyborg Castle to stage a medieval pitched battle. The idea is to create a workshop for re-enactors for research and educatinal purposes. However, the great medieval battle and encampment is a unique oppotunity for the museum to bring an important aspect of the history of the city back to life, and that is why we have invited the public in.


The starting point is research and communication. How did a medieval battle impact on how people used their weapons , and how it worked in practice?

"This is something you can think about for a long time . We just do it in practice instead. This can only be done because the Days of Battle has established a forum where the museum and the players can meet, share experiences, test the theory  and gain an understanding of the reality of medieval warriors. It could not be done without much planning  and work by the players with Lupus Tempus and Warwik as the head delivers," says head of department at Nyborg Castle, Janus Møller Jensen.

Medieval fast food and royal banquet
There is a number of initiatives for the audience at the event. There are medieval fast food in King's Inn outside the castle, and there is competition on the best fight show, archery competition , you can see the falconer's bird and the Knight Obstacle Course - where knights compete to clear obstacles dressed in full armor. There is also a weapons workshop, where you can hear and see what damage medieval weapons did. It says a lot about the proper handling of the weapons , and is an important addition to the written sources descriptions.

"There's Harvest Market in the King's pantry , the royal banquet in the Great Hall and wild dinner at the King's Inn. Yeah, we have fun , but is serious when we recreate Nyborg and Denmark's history with a unique event that combines experience , communication and research in a unique way , "says Janus Møller Jensen.

In 2012 resulted event in nearly 9,000 guests as well as an option to the Funen Culture Prize 2013. 

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