Danehof 13 - what a success!

Wednesday, Wednesday, September 4, 2013

You could actually meet the king in Nyborg this weekend. Christian 2 was alive and walked around the city streets with his beloved Dyveke at his side, while the entire city celebrated in his honor. People from near and far came to see the tournaments, knight jousting, the shows, jugglers, to buy or sell - or simply just to soak up the atmosphere of the life that the king's court always brought with them. And there were many visitors - approximately 40,000!


"It has been absolutely fantastic. Everything just went well. The weather, the atmosphere and all the people that came. Seeing Nyborg and Danish history being brought to life has been a great experience. It really managed to show many different facets of life in the Middle Ages and restore the atmosphere that must have been when the king met with his court in Nyborg. "Says Janus Møller Jensen, head of department at Nyborg Castle.

And the atmosphere was one of the most important words in this year's market. The whole city oozed namely of summer, sun, happy people and especially medieval atmosphere. It was not hard to imagine that you were actually back in time, when you walked along the tents with the medieval music in your ears and the old castle towering proudly in the background. Yes, this was how it must have been like when the King came to town, and Nyborg was one of the kingdom's main cities.

"Such a huge event had not been possible without the many volunteers who toiled in the heat and not without Nyborg Municipality that just makes it all happen. This is only the second year we are doing it and many things can be optimized, but we have come a long way in a short time. We have not realized the full potential yet, and hopefully we get a chance to do even better next year." Ends Janus Mølller Jensen.

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