Nyborg Castle to be restored and expanded

Friday, Friday, September 13, 2013

A big new project will regenerate the concept of Nyborg, both the castle and the town, as the medieval capital of Denmark. The unique heritage of Nyborg will be brought back to life, enchanting local residents and visitors alike. The A.P. Møller and Mrs. Chastine McKinney Møller Foundation for General Purposes supports the implementation of the project.


Nyborg Castle and Residence Town comprise a unique historic monument from the Danish Middle Ages, with its well-preserved medieval town plan, tied in with the castle and ramparts in the middle of the town. This is where the first constitution in Denmark was signed and sealed on July 29, 1282, the Danehof Parliament was held here, and the Danish kings and their courts came to stay here for centuries.


The Museums of Eastern Funen, in cooperation with the Municipality of Nyborg and the Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties have joined forces to tell the rest of the world about this place, with a unique heritage that residents and visitors alike find fascinating. Their goal is to focus on the fantastic story of Nyborg as the central point for the Danish kingdom in the Middle Ages. They have worked, also with the Agency for Culture, since 2010, to realize the potential of the town's history and to develop a vision that can secure the future of the existing buildings, add new architecture in the form of a visitors' centre, and create a new connection between the castle and the town.

An international tourist attraction
At a packed press conference in the Great Hall of Nyborg Castle on Sept.11, Nyborg's mayor, Erik Christensen, the Director of the Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties, Anders V. Møller and the Director of the Museums of Eastern Funen, Erland Porsmose, revealed their building plans. To recreate the sense of past greatness and to teach about the unique heritage of Nyborg, a new wing will be added to the castle that will function as a visitors' centre. The existing castle will be restored and a castle courtyard will be recreated with four surrounding buildings or walls.

The connection between castle and town will be emphasized by a new bridge to the castle grounds, approximately where it was in the Middle Ages. The tournament ground will be reestablished, and lastly, the land between it and the castle grounds will be enhanced to make a visual link between the town centre and the castle. One of the unique things about Nyborg is that the castle and the town centre are still mostly intact. The goal of the project is to create an international tourist attraction and an interpretive centre of the highest caliber.

Blue ribbon heritage
This ambitious project will be led by the Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties, which owns Nyborg Castle, and will be carried out in close collaboration between the Museums of Eastern Funen, the Municipality of Nyborg and the A.P. Møller and Mrs. Chastine McKinney Møller's Foundation for General Purposes. The parties are all represented on the steering committee.

"This is an amazingly promising project, where a very central Danish castle will be raised up to a new standard of quality through restoration, and through expansion that will make room for teaching facilities and many other activities for the enjoyment of the public," said Anders V. Møller, Director of the Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties.

During the preliminary phase, the Realdania Foundation will finance studies and programming for a total of 5 million Dkr. This phase will be followed by one or more architectural competitions, with an expected end date of summer 2014. The aim is to complete the whole project by 2017. It is still uncertain what the final budget for the project will be, but it will be a 3-digit number of millions (Dkr.). The new visitors' centre is expected to receive over 100,000 guests per year, and the increase in visitors will also mean that shops, restaurants and hotels in Nyborg will probably need to hire more staff! It all adds up to growth in the municipality, thanks to Nyborg's blue ribbon heritage.

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Picture by Bertelsen og Scheving Arkitekter ApS