Nyborg Castle to be restored and expanded
Nyborg Castle to be restored and expanded 13. September 2013

A big new project will regenerate the concept of Nyborg, both the castle and the town, as the medieval capital of Denmark. The unique heritage of Nyborg will be brought back to life, enchanting local residents and visitors alike. The A.P. Møller and Mrs. Chastine McKinney Møller Foundation for General Purposes supports the implementation of the project.

At Sea - an exhibition
At Sea - an exhibition 04. September 2013

Denmark has in relation to its size, a very long coastline. It has always been natural for Danes to travel by the sea. It is estimated  that King Hans was the founder of the Danish fleet in the 1510th. The Danish navy has played an important role in Denmark's history ever since.


Danehof 13 - what a success!
Danehof 13 - what a success! 04. September 2013

You could actually meet the king in Nyborg this weekend. Christian 2 was alive and walked around the city streets with his beloved Dyveke at his side, while the entire city celebrated in his honor. People from near and far came to see the tournaments, knight jousting, the shows, jugglers, to buy or sell - or simply just to soak up the atmosphere of the life that the king's court always brought with them. And there were many visitors - approximately 40,000!

Days of Battle in Nyborg
Days of Battle in Nyborg 04. September 2013

Barely has the dust settled from the summer's Danehof tournament before the king's warriors once again is in Nyborg for the Days of Battle  - 14 - 15th September 2013. Under the banner Knights of the Northern Kingdom, re-enactors from all over Denmark and elsewhere in Northern Europe gather at Nyborg Castle to stage a medieval pitched battle. The idea is to create a workshop for re-enactors for research and educatinal purposes. However, the great medieval battle and encampment is a unique oppotunity for the museum to bring an important aspect of the history of the city back to life, and that is why we have invited the public in.

Dinner with all the harbingers of spring
Dinner with all the harbingers of spring 24. April 2013

On Tuesday, April 16, the second dinner was held in connection with the food network, the King's Pantry. The 120 tickets that were sold for the event went in 10 minutes, which, to the delight of the organizers and the network members, shows a continuing great interest for the project. The good ingredients were, as at the last dinner, prepared by chef Rasmus Kirk Henriksen from Restaurant Teglværksskoven, and the beverages came from Ørbæk Brewery.

The first dinner from the King’s Pantry
The first dinner from the King’s Pantry 24. April 2013

Dinner January 29, 2013

The first dinner from the King's Food Cupboard at Nyborg Castle was a big success. The dinner was quickly sold out, and the lucky people who had secured tickets had an unforgettable evening. Below, you can read the menu inspired by the Middle Ages, prepared by local ingredients - according to the principles of the King's Food Cupboard - to tell about history within the framework of the present time, with food from suppliers in eastern Funen.