The Residential Castle

Nyborg developed a central role in Denmark's history through the rest of the Middle Ages as the gathering place for the finest and most powerful men in the kingdom, at the Danehof meetings. The town was situated, then as now, centrally in the kingdom and with an unusually good harbour. From the end of the 1400's, it would seem that the royal power was concentrated in eastern Funen, and in the early 1500's, the town developed into what can rightfully be called the kingdom's first capital.


In the 1520's, King Frederik I was urged to make Nyborg is residence. It is unclear whether he actually did so, but there is evidence that he planned to. He had the west wing renovated, adding large, arched windows. Inside, several of the rooms were decorated with wall paintings of geometric patterns and a new ceiling construction. The ceiling was lowered a bit between the first and the second floors.

Plans for making Nyborg the capital were finally fulfilled during the reign of Christian III (1536-1559). He expanded the castle and fortified the whole town of Nyborg. The great hall, where many concerts and events are held in our day, was created in his day. Nobles and important men from throughout the country gathered here with their followers, which must have greatly increased the population of Nyborg. One can imagine their tent cities outside the town walls. With so many guests, there must have been a great need for entertainment and war games, which grew, over time, into the spectacular jousting tournaments most of us only know from films. In 1560, the king's son and heir, Frederik II, moved to North Zeeland, and Copenhagen then became the capital of the land. Nyborg still played an important role as a fortified town, as one of several forts across the country. They formed the backbone of the Danish defense, but Nyborg's golden days were finally over.


The Museums of Eastern Funen/ Nyborg Castle can offer all interested people a guided tour to take them back to Nyborg's royal past. 

Christmas In The Old Royal Town

The Christmas Market is a tradition that has come to stay. Aside from being one of the big attractions on Funen, the Christmas Market takes its cues from the town's unique history and tells the story about the Kings' Nyborg.