Buidling af new Nyborg Castle

The unique cultural heritage site at Nyborg Castle and the town hall square are to be restored and revitalised. The aspiration now is to recreate the historical entity and generate vibrant life in the area.

Nyborg Castle is the remaining evidence of a magnificent four-wing castle
complex dating back to the Middle Ages. Today only the Royal Wing and the Watchtower remain of the former fourwing complex on the castle island, as the castle walls and the other buildings have been demolished over time. 

Based on this need for restoration, the vision of the project is to communicate the historical importance of the castle, the fortress and the town square by combining new and historic features in an entity that facilitates understanding of the three elements. The aim is not to restore the castle to a certain ideal state, but to make the original buildings sound and robust and to emphasise and explain the original concept and integrity of the site in a manner characterised by high artistic and architectural quality.

The parties behind the project are the Danish Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties, Nyborg Municipality, Realdania, the A P Møller Foundation and the Museums of Eastern Funen.

The new Nyborg Castle will open in late 2020.

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