Meet Nyborg’s heritage

Since the 1200’s, Nyborg has been an important junction for both the political scene, royal power and traffic across the country. On this page, you can go in depth to explore the heart of Denmark and a very exciting story.

Nyborg Castle and the town of Nyborg were, in the Middle Ages, one of the King’s most important residences. Nyborg was, in many ways, the most central location in the kingdom. The Danehof parliament met here and the castle was, in its heyday, the medieval Christiansborg (where the present-day parliament is held.)

Project World Heritage Site and its logo
Project Nyborg as a potential World Heritage Site has its own logo and the title “The Heart of the Kingdom of Denmark”. The heart symbolizes Nyborg’s function as the capital of the kingdom as well as the important, pulsing centre of the country, through which all traffic had to pass, where important decisions were made, where people met and where new ideas were launched.

The Heart of the Kingdom of Denmark is therefore the whole town of Nyborg, but is also the name of the collective effort in the development of Nyborg from heritage to World Heritage.

Nyborg Castle - the restoration and the expansion
A very important part of The Heart of the Kingdom of Denmark and the project encompassing the whole town as a historical centre and a World Heritage Site is the restoration of Nyborg Castle. An ambitious architectural competition is underway and a winner will be chosen in 2016. The winning project will be part of describing, showing and telling about the historical significance of the castle, the fortress and the town square by building new and old together into a whole, which will strengthen our understanding of the three elements.

This page
Here on this web page, you can learn more about Nyborg Castle and the town of Nyborg and its surrounding area. You can read news related to Nyborg as local heritage and World Heritage, and you can see what exciting events and activites are happening at Nyborg Castle and the Mayor’s Yard, as well as seeing how you yourself can participate and contribute.