Nyborg Castle’s Costume Guild

The creative and clever hands that belong to members of the Costume Guild are always busy fashioning historical costumes for exhibitions and for use at events like the Danehof Market. The Costume Guild also helps with activities for children in the autumn and winter school holidays.

It is the purpose of the guild, in cooperation with the Museums of Eastern Funen, to teach about and bring to life historical periods and/or knowledge of textiles through exhibitions, historical markets, workshops and other arrangements of educational character. It is also the goal of the guild that the members increase their knowlegde about historical costumes and textiles, and using this knowledge, to make copies of historical costumes and textiles for educational use.

For more info- contact Mathias Tryggedson: mast@ostfynsmuseer.dk


margrethes kjole

soldat og mor



Danehof in Nyborg

All of Nyborg is dressed for the celebration, and the knights meet at the tournament in such great numbers as have not been seen since the Middle Ages in Nyborg. Experience the jousting tournament again, right here where it was meant to happen, in the authentic setting of Nyborg.

Products from The King's Pantry

The farmers and food producers of eastern Funen have a long tradition, for almost 800 years, of supplying goods and services to the Danehof parliament in Nyborg.