Nyborg Castle’s Archery Guild

We have several skilled bowmakers and archers in Nyborg who have started a volunteer bow group in connection with Nyborg Castle. Perhaps you have a bow yourself and would like to practice shooting with others to keep your aim sharp. 

Maybe you’d like to learn to shoot with bow and arrows - Nyborg Castle has bows you can borrow in order to learn the skill. Maybe you’ll get so interested that you’ll want to make your own bow. As a member of the bow group, you would be able to do just that with qualified guidance.

Join Nyborg Archery Guild and be part of many exciting activities around Nyborg Castle. Check out our activities, our blog, etc. on our own website nyborgslotbuelaug.dk.

April - September: The archery guild practices on Monday and Thursday from 7:00 to 9:00 PM at Vindinge School’s old ball fields on Nyhavevej. On Sunday, juniors practice from noon to 2 PM.

October - March: Every Sunday, Nyborg Castle’s Archery Guild practices at Vindinge School’s old ball fields on Nyhavevej from 10:00 AM until noon.

For more info - contact Mathias Tryggedson: mast@ostfynsmuseer.dk

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