Become a volunteer

You can, as a volunteer, help in many ways:

There are practical but very extensive tasks, like building the tournament ground or the king's tribunal. Skilled members of the Builders' Guild are responsible for these feats.

The clever and creative hands belonging to members of the Costume Guild are constantly in motion, making historical costumes for exhibitions and for use during big events like the Danehof Market.

A large group is in training to become Nyborg-guides. They will be important ambassadors for the town and its history. Their contribution means that tourists and townspeople alike can take a free tour, both around the town and in the castle.

A large group of involved townspeople are on an ad hoc committee to give a hand whenever needed, when workshops are organised or when specific tasks need to be carried out.

Would you like to help?

Many volunteers are already helping the "The Heart of the Kingdom of Denmark" project along. There are, as mentioned, a costume guild, a builders' guild, a guide corps and most recently, an archery guild has been organised. If you have ideas about other groups or projects, please contact us.

If you would like to help as a volunteer and get your hands on Nyborg's history, contact Mathias Tryggedson on

- We can use all your strengths and your good ideas.