Nyborg’s Church of Our Lady

In the heart of Nyborg, you'll find the Church of Our Lady. It was built in the Middle Ages and has been a central anchor in the development and expansion of the town ever since.


The church is open from 9 AM until 4 PM year round, except on Sundays from late October until late March, when it's only open for services. During church services, weddings and funerals, it is only open for churchgoers.


Nyborg Church, or the Church of Our Lady, as it is rightly called, was built during the years 1388-1428 and was consecrated to Mary, the mother of Christ, on Pentecost Sunday, 1428 by Bishop Navne Jensen Krigebusk.

The oldest part of the church is the wall with the four windows to the west, which in the early 1400's was bounded on the east side by a north-south running wall. Before 1428, the church was extended with the section with two windows on the east side, the church's apsis and, in all likelihood, the three burial chapels.

Around the time of the Reformation, three combined burial chapels were built on the south side of the church, under one roof. King Christian III had the church expanded in the 1550's with an extra aisle on the north side, extending the full length of the church. The big west tower and the smaller east tower were finished around 1600. The Church of Our Lady was a 5-aisled church until 1870.

In 1870-71, most of the side aisles were torn down under the direction of the architect, Tvede. This gave the church its present exterior.