Nyborg as a commercial centre - for 800 years

Nyborg has been, throughout its entire history, a bustling market town. It still is! The town of Nyborg probably developed around the castle at the end of the 1200’s and has grown apace with it. From the Danehof castle, the shopping streets fan out towards the Church of Our Lady through the historical centre of town. 

The medieval network of streets contains a rich variety of commerce. There is a row of big, old merchant houses, some of which are medieval in origin, and some came later. Some burned in the big fire of the 1790’s and have new storefronts or have been completely rebuilt. Nonetheless, they are heirs to a rich trading tradition.

Nyborg received its municipal charter as a market town from King Valdemar the Victorious in the first half of the 1200’s. The king and his court shopped in the bustling town, of course. The municipal laws go back to 1271. A market selling food and flowers was held at the Church of Our Lady starting in the 1290’s; on a whole the commercial enterprise of the townspeople has been quite industrious. This ties in with Nyborg’s central role as a traffic junction both by land and by sea, right in the middle of the Kingdom of Denmark.

Since the Middle Ages, the merchants and shopkeepers of Nyborg have delivered goods to the court, as can be seen in the royal ledgers. When the king met in Nyborg with his court and with the Danehof parliament, the whole surrounding area was involved in providing food and other products to the town so as to feed the many extra mouths.

In Nyborg, a series of events is held throughout the year. Their purpose is both to the tell the story of Nyborg’s royal past and the story of Nyborg’s busy trading tradition from the Middle Ages until today. In January, 2015, the Museums of Eastern Funen/ Nyborg Castle invited the Chamber of Commerce to a meeting about the future of the Danehof Market. A desire to continue to develop the market was indicated, and creative business owners established a think tank, the Danehof Advisory Board (D-AB). The D-AB has developed a whole list of new ideas which not only will build up the market, but also will boost the downtown businesses. The main purpose of the D-AB is precisely to be the driving force behind several events and in that way, to tie the town’s history and Nyborg’s reputation as a thriving commercial town together.