Newcastles of the World

The Museums of Eastern Funen - Nyborg Castle Department - is, along with the Municipality of Nyborg, a participant in the network “Newcastles of the World”.

Shinshiro - Nové Hrady - Neuberg - Newcastle - Nyborg

A beloved child has many names (Danish saying), and every country has its “new castle”. Around the world there are several hundred “new castles”.

In 1996, the idea of establishing a network for the Nyborgs (or Newcastles) of the world was born. The goal was, by starting with the common name, to establish contacts having to do with culture, education and tourism that would benefit the member towns, also in an economic and business sense. Newcastles of the World has members today from, among others, Japan, Germany, USA, England, France, Australia, Georgia, Latvia, Canada, Malaysia and the Czech Republic.

Since 1996, when Shinshiro in Japan was host to the first international summit meeting for Newcastles of the World, network participants have met every other year for the purpose of developing relations, projects and ideas to benefit the participating towns.

The Municipality of Nyborg and Nyborg Castle have, since 2012, been in touch with Newcastles of the World. In the spring of 2013, at the urging of the municipality, Nyborg Castle hosted David Faulkner, who is spokesman and project coordinator for Newcastles of the World, when he visited the town. The meeting gave a positive impression of an engaged and dedicated chairman of an association with a considerable network potential and good development potential in the areas of tourism, culture, schools, leisure activities, business and the World Heritage project. Especially in connection with Nyborg’s UNESCO venture, it is interesting to see what these new castles around the world can contribute, and perhaps cast some light on our own Nyborg, both historically and in a larger international perspective.

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