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Buidling af new Nyborg Castle

The unique cultural heritage site at Nyborg Castle and the town hall square are to be restored and revitalised. The aspiration now is to recreate the historical entity and generate vibrant life in the area.

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Nyborg Castle is being restored

A significant part of the big castle project in Nyborg is a thorough restoration of the Royal Palace and of the remains of the central watch tower. A pilot project has just begun.


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Wow! Nyborg Castle will look like this!

A 22 m. (72’) high watch tower will again rise above Nyborg Castle. From the watch tower, visitors will be able to see the Great Belt, and the brick walls will glow after dark!


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Nyborg Castle will reopen in 2020

At the end of the 2017 season, Nyborg Castle will close for extensive renovations and expansion. In 2020, the castle will open again as a recreated 4-sided castle, with new exhibition possibilities.


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The Danehof meets again

Preparations for this year’s Danehof in Nyborg have been in full swing for quite a while. (The Danehof Parliament met here in the Middle Ages; now the marking of annual meeting is reason enough for festivities in the whole town.)


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The archaeologists have moved indoors

The excavation of the castle grounds has now moved inside the castle, and archaeologists have found traces of something that looks like a medieval sanitary installation or appliance.

Experience the Nyborg heritage

  • Visit Nyborg Visit Nyborg

    Visit Nyborg: Nyborg Castle and the historic centre of Nyborg city is one of the most important cultural heritage monuments from the Middle Ages in Denmark.

  • The Mayor's Yard The Mayor's Yard

    The Mayor's Yard is Nyborg's historical museum. The oldest part of the complex of buildings was build in 1601, and as a whole the structures represent a fine example of market town architecture from the 1600's. The museum shows several exhibitions that tell about daily life on eastern Funen throughout history. In addition, there is usually at least one special exhibition.

  • Danehof Danehof

    Danehof: The medieval market and jousting tournament in Nyborg has grown into a big event in just a few years. It now takes place in the entire "old town" between Nyborg Castle and Nyborg Church

  • Days of Battle in Nyborg Days of Battle in Nyborg

    Warriors from Northern Europe meet at Nyborg Castle to train their skills, to show their prowess and reenact a whole medieval battle!

  • Christmas In The Old Royal Town Christmas In The Old Royal Town

    The Christmas Market - Christmas in the Old Royal Town - is a tradition that has come to stay!

Danehof in Nyborg

Danehof in Nyborg

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Experience the jousting tournament again, right here where it was meant to happen, in the authentic setting of Nyborg.

Scenes from Days of Battle in Nyborg

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Visit Nyborg

Visit Nyborg

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